Friday 30 October 2020

The Demonic Tapes: The Podcast

I'm a big fan of the work of Richard Mansfield, from his short shadow films to his low budget but extremely atmospheric features. Mansfield is unafraid to embrace new media, and the pandemic lockdown presented him with the opportunity to do something a little different: a podcast which links to his Demonic Tapes films.

Mansfield explains: 

"The Demonic Tapes: The Podcast follows medium and paranormal investigator Jonathan West as he records his cases on audio cassette. The podcast is presented as found footage giving the listener the experience of rifling through Jonathan's cassettes and piecing the adventure together. Season 1 is called 'The Man without a Face' and is based on a ghostly experience I had a year ago working in a haunted office. The series was written by me and Adam Wootton during lockdown over Facetime calls, the cast recorded their scenes over Zoom meetings on their phones and emailed me the audio files so it was a true quarantine production!

Season 2 is in Post production at the moment and will be released before Christmas. Season 2 will follow Jonathan's Mother Eleanor West as she investigates the haunting of Varley Grange in 1973."

Here are the links to it on various podcasting platforms and it's also available on Youtube. I can't recommend it highly enough, biased as I am because of my liking of Mansfield's work, but there's a real cleverness to the build up of the story that unfolds over the episodes. Perfect for Halloween. Or any dark night really!



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